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An open letter to OBNUG readers

Dear OBNUG readers,

Unfortunately, we are not writing to tell you we've been granted a sit-down Marty Tadman interview. We're not announcing a book deal or an Idaho Statesman backpage contract. We're not even here to let you know that the OBNUG forum is up (it's not ... still).

We're writing to say good-bye.

Well, maybe "good-bye" is too strong of a term. It's more like "see you less frequently" or "talk to you less often than usual." We do know one thing: the OBNUG that we have come to know and love is no longer an OBNUG that we can maintain. Blame our increasingly busy work schedules, early onset burnout, and some strong coercing from David Augusto's legal department. OBNUG as we know it is taking a break.

We did not come to this decision easily. We don't come to any decisions easily (on that note: have we missed the deadline to renew our 2008 season tickets?). OBNUG has been like a child to us for the past year, so considering that we'll be giving it less attention now probably means we shouldn't be having kids any time soon. Nevertheless, every minute we spent was worth it. We were able to document one of the greatest Boise State seasons in team history and meet some incredible Bronco fans along the way.

It is these Bronco fans, you readers, whom we will miss most. The snarky comments, the grammatical corrections, the community - these are things we could never find anywhere else before we started this site. Changing things up here at OBNUG was toughest on us because we knew it would affect the community we have here. You guys are smart. You get it. Mark Johnson should be so lucky.

Boise State football deserves a site like ours. And now that Bronco Nation has been given a taste, hopefully another site will emerge. We sort of consider OBNUG to be like a Gale Sayers of Bronco websites - a shooting star that was ahead of its time and had its career cut too short. Also, Gale Sayers is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so if a WAC blog HOF ever opens up, we've got that going for us.

A question on all of your minds at this point must be, "Can we keep our IntenseDebate accounts?" Yes, you can keep those. Others of you might also be wondering what is going to happen here at OBNUG in the future? Good question. We cannot fathom a world in which Boise State football happens and we don't feel the need to write about it, so we fully expect our opinions to find their way back here. It just won't be nearly as often.

Since times are changing, we're going to try to make the transition easy on everyone. If you look below, you'll see a link to sign-up for email updates. If you want to keep up on what we post and what we have planned, just follow the directions to do so. You might also try grabbing our RSS feed or joining our Facebook group.

- OBNUG email group -

We'll still be hanging out on other Bronco sites and keeping up with the team from a distance. To be more specific:

  • Yes, we will be at the spring game and the fall scrimmages and the Oregon season opener.

  • Yes, we will still predict 83-0 final scores on every Brian Murphy pizza post.

  • No, we will never replace Marty Tadman as our favorite player, no matter what George Iloka does over the next three years.

  • Yes, we will still be the biggest Bronco fans that our budgets and significant others will allow.

We don't know what we'll do for our daily fix of Boise State news. If you have any ideas, let us know. And feel free to keep in touch, too. Send OBNUG's Kevan an email anytime at Please, no signing him up for Idaho Statesman alerts.

Other than that, we simply can't thank you enough for the past year. You readers have meant a lot to us, and we'll miss each and every one of you (well, not you, Jared Zabransky apologist). We came into this blogosphere on the inauspicious heels of the Taylor Tharp era, and we'll leave it with the Broncos headed toward their greatest teams ever. We may not have the greatest timing, but we feel that we did succeed in our goal to provide the online voice of Boise State football fans.

We'll see you around the Internets, OBNUG readers. But probably not on Bronco Country. They never did like us that much.

OBNUG out.