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We wish Interactive Tuesday was Interactive Everyday

For those of you who watched the Poinsettia Bowl on ESPN last night, you were treated to the Worldwide Leader's new midweek game gimmick: Interactive Tuesday. Each Tuesday throughout the season, ESPN's broadcast featured a crawl across the top of the screen that was composed of online user-submitted chatter - most of which added nothing to game ... except guffaws!

We kyped the headline to this post from an entry in the Interactive Tuesday crawl, and it was one of several that was either so ridiculous it was funny or so ridiculous it sent us to our computers in a mad frenzy for Internet rebuttal. But out of all the wonderfully ignorant and beautifully incoherent messages that we saw, this was our favorite:

Ian Johnson for president.

Submitted by brettfavre4president. Literally.

Here's hoping Boise State can get a Tuesday game on next year's schedule. We need to have more Interactive Tuesday in our lives.

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