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WAC recap: McMackin actually leads Hawaii to a bowl

The Hawaii Warriors are going bowling, much to the surprise of everyone outside of Hawaii and probably even to the surprise of Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin.

Courtesy of a 24-10 win over Washington State on Saturday, the Warriors will be the main attraction of the Hawaii Bowl, played regrettably last year by Boise State. Get ready to commission those "7-6 regular season, three-way tie for second place in the WAC" team rings.

Hawaii QB-of-the-moment Greg Alexander had a career-high 315 passing yards, and the Washington State team pretty much conceded victory from the get-go, content in their one D-1A win over Washington last week. No word on whether or not Hawaii fans stormed the field.

Other WAC scores:

Nevada 35, LaTech 31
Nevada claimed bowl eligibility by barely squeaking past Louisiana Tech. Wolf Pack running/quarter back Colin Kaepernick led his team to 28 second half points and overcame a 31-14 deficit with under two minutes left in the third. Kaepernick finished the day with 397 passing yards and four touchdowns, helping a Nevada offense that only rushed for 103 yards total. It's almost as if the Wolf Pack don't want to play in the Humanitarian Bowl.

Utah State 47, NMSU 2
Looking at the final score of the Aggies-Aggies game, you probably could not tell which coach was the one who has already been canned. That distinction would go to Utah State's Brent Guy, despite the fact that his team rolled over Hal Mumme's dispirited squad.

The NMSU Aggies were outrushed 241 to (-)7, and were it not for a conveniently timed tackle by Oren Long in the USU end zone, New Mexico State would not have touched the scoreboard. Safe to say, Brent Guy had the far better send-off party, although we hear the Las Cruces Chuck E. Cheese is still taking reservations.