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Top 26 Poll: no Big XII controversy here

The Internets have been ablaze with the injustice of the Big XII South three-way tiebreaker this week. Sunday's BCS standings determined that Oklahoma was worthy of facing Missouri in the Big XII championship game over the likes of Texas and Texas Tech. Longhorn lovers are justifiably upset since their team did, in fact, beat Oklahoma head-to-head earlier in the year on a neutral field. College football's great, isn't it?

Had the Big XII used the Bronco Blogger Top 26 Poll as its tiebreaker, it would be Texas vs. Missouri for the Big XII title, and the Longhorns would be the ones with a big advantage on getting to the National Championship Game.

To that effect, if our poll was used, Boise State wouldn't be shut out of the BCS at this point.

For more information on the Top 26 Poll, check out the Top 26 Poll homepage or download the Top 26 Poll pdf. Here are this week's rankings:

  1. Alabama

  2. Texas

  3. Florida

  4. Oklahoma

  5. USC

  6. Boise State

  7. Utah

  8. Texas Tech

  9. Penn State

  10. Ball State

  11. Ohio State

  12. TCU

  13. Cincinnati

  14. Oklahoma State

  15. Georgia Tech

  16. Oregon

  17. Georgia

  18. Boston College

  19. BYU

  20. Missouri

  21. Michigan State

  22. Ole Miss

  23. Northwestern

  24. Pittsburgh

  25. Oregon State

  26. Virginia Tech

Also receiving votes: Tulsa, Florida State

Say good-bye to: Florida State, West Virginia