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Top 26 Poll: Florida vs. Texas for national title

If the BCS suffered a horrible computer crash and ours was the only poll left in America with any sort of credibility, Texas fans would be very happy. They would also be dreaming, since this will never happen.

The Longhorns moved up to the No. 2 spot in the Bronco blogger Top 26 Poll, and they would be playing for the national championship against Florida if our poll had anything to say about it. Also, our poll would have given a BCS spot to the Broncos and left Utah high and dry. We love our poll.

If you love our poll and want to read more about it, visit the Top 26 homepage, or download the Top 26 pdf. Here is the final regular season version of the Top 26:

  1. Florida

  2. Texas

  3. Oklahoma

  4. Alabama

  5. USC

  6. Boise State

  7. Utah

  8. Texas Tech

  9. Penn State

  10. Ohio State

  11. TCU

  12. Cincinnati

  13. Oregon

  14. Georgia Tech

  15. BYU

  16. Georgia

  17. Oklahoma State

  18. Michigan State

  19. Pittsburgh

  20. Missouri

  21. Ole Miss

  22. Virginia Tech

  23. Ball State

  24. Northwestern

  25. Oregon State

  26. Iowa

Also receiving votes: Boston College, Rice

Say good-bye to: nobody