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The next Doug Martin is a 320-pound Canadian

Doug Martin first became our future favorite player when his teammates raved about his efforts on the scout team last season. Next up for our personal affections? Michael Atkinson.

The 6'0", 320-pound redshirt freshman defensive tackle from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has captured the hearts and minds of his teammates over the past few months, and by extension, he has therefore captured our hearts and minds as well. The gentle giant was seen swatting down passes, disrupting backfields, and even fielding punts throughout the season, and if we weren't already falling in love with him enough, teammates have given him an epic nickname:

Canadian Bacon.

"He's actually the beast you guys will be hearing a lot about in the coming years," senior tailback Ian Johnson said, "because he's just ridiculous. He's huge, he's Canadian and he's unstoppable."

The legend of "Bacon" goes back to his high school days where he spent time at fullback, gaining nearly 1,000 yards rushing, receiving, and giving rides to spindly defensive backs. Now he is set to join the destructive Bronco defensive line and play alongside fellow youngsters Billy Winn, J.P. Nisby, Shea McClellin, and Byron Hout. Yikes, eh.

We look forward to many more years of Canadian jokes and phrases at Atkinson's expense. We also look forward to these redshirt/grayshirt/scout team stars:

  • LB Tommy Smith. He and JC transfer Daron Mackey could slide into Gingg's and Dobbs' positions.

  • WR Mitch Burroughs. The scout offensive player of the year is as close to Vinny Perretta as we'll ever get again.

  • OL Brenel Myers. Someone will need to fill Andrew Woodruff's girdle, and it may be Myers.

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