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Tell us you're joking: Coach Pete to Miss State

Deadspin via Sparty and Friends is reporting that Coach Pete will become the new head coach at Mississippi State.


Here is what the Sparty people have to say:

You can take this to the bank. Boise State’s Chris Petersen, will be the new head coach at Mississippi State University. The official announcement could come as soon as the completion of the SEC Title game. More later, when information becomes available.

Information, as in, credible sources?

We don't know what to believe at this point. It seemed like just a few days ago, Coach Pete was denying the coaching rumors of his going to Mississippi State. In fact, it was just a few days ago:

Petersen is friends with Mississippi State athletic director Greg Byrne, who worked at Oregon when Petersen was there.

"Greg and I have been friends for a long time. We talk often. He knows how happy we are at Boise and that's where we're going to be," Petersen told The Clarion-Ledger.
We know just as much as you do at this point, so we'll keep updating this post as more information comes in.

UPDATE [1:45PM]: There are no updates, only facts and rumors

It has been almost an hour and a half since we nearly had a heart attack reading about Coach Pete's potential move to Mississippi State, and since that near death experience, there has been ... nothing.

We take this as a good sign. No major news outlets have confirmed the rumors of Pete-to-Starkville, so all the story really has going for it is the integrity of a couple of blogs. In the meantime, we can at least make some sound judgments based on the facts of the situation.

FACT: Coach Pete told Mississippi State athletic director Greg Byrne that he was going to stay in Boise.

FACT: Coach Pete is friends with Greg Byrne.

FACT: The only site that is reporting that Coach Pete will be the head coach at MSU, Sparty and Friends, seems to be some sort of Michigan State blog.

FACT: Deadspin, the Internet's most popular sports blog, also reported the Coach Pete move.

FACT: Mississippi State is a sweltering wasteland of a college football environment, and you'd have to assume that Coach Pete could do a lot better.

FACT: Sparty and Friends broke the story about Lane Kiffin going to Tennessee.

FACT: Coach Pete leaving for another school at this point in the season would fly in the face of everything he has ever been about with the Broncos.

FACT: Coach Pete going to Mississippi State does not make sense.

As diehard Bronco fans, we can't help but still be a little nervous. But at least until there is something more concrete than one or two blog posts, we're going to chalk this one up to a potentially life-changing rumor and keep our fingers crossed. Sound good?

We'll let you know if we hear anything more.

UPDATE [2:00PM]: Brian Murphy found Coach Pete

He's in his office in Boise, and he plans on recruiting for the Broncos next week.

UPDATE [2:05PM]: Alabama station reports Coach Pete turned down job

And now there's this from a MSU message board. Apparently, Coach Pete thought about taking the job but decided against it.

Good decision.

UPDATE [2:34PM]: Mississippi's #1 newspaper won't confirm

Thank goodness.

UPDATE [2:35PM]: Comments disappeared

Sorry about that. We're getting hit pretty hard. The OBNUG intern is efforting. In the meantime, enjoy this fancy comment jpeg of most of the comments that were lost.

UPDATE [6:27]: Crisis Averted

Coach Petersen has issued a statement that he will not be taking the Mississippi State job (via KTVB). We can all sleep easier tonight.