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TCU bloggers send up Idaho, go Mark May on Broncos

TCU blog Spit Blood has messed with Idaho, and you can bet your Spud Bars that Idaho is going to ... um ... well ... give us a second to think of a comeback, okay?

Oh Idaho, you’re so beautiful. Boise seems like such a picturesque, homegrown piece of Americana. A place where I could go hunt for unicorns and rainbows in a glitter filled meadow of M&M’s with my friends Wally Cleaver and John Boy Walton. Or stroll over to Hobbit Village, where old man Jenkins is re-shoeing a mare. There’s no crime here, just ask our sheriff Andy Griffin, heck criminals (read: BSU players) even turn themselves in. A magical place where you can pick dandelions down by the creek in the summer, trade snow kisses with your grandma in the winter over a cup of cocoa, or spend spring with your imaginary friend, listening to the gentle caress of the water beating against your fishing polls, as you catch some splashy fish - catch and release of course. Boise is a simple place…set in a simpler time. It’s where you go to master the whisper. Somewhere you can spend a whole month outdoors with nothing more to entertain yourself than your own chill personality and your trusty butterfly net. Oh Idaho ...

How did they know we love to trade snow kisses over hot cocoa with our GramGrams?

We found the above paragraph quite humorous, actually, probably because it accurately described a good portion of our childhood. But the Spit Blood blog post wasn't all kicks and giggles. It was also a whole lot of hatred and hubris.

TCU O vs. BSU D ... I expect to score 30 points. They might play hard like Rudy but they can’t back it up with much talent.


They haven’t seen a team this good in years and you’re about to get a rough reality check. BSU is good, really good, just not anywhere close to the caliber of this TCU team.
OK, now they've gone and crossed the line. Once we finish catching some splashy fish, we're going to make them pay.

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