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Sign up for Bowl Pick 'Em, give an angel its wings

This is the last call for entries into OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em group on Sign up now if you haven't already. It would make Matthew McConaughey very happy.

Earlier in the week, we promised a magazine subscription to the winner, provided that the group reaches 75 people. Currently, it is 67 large. You do want your Redbook, don't you? There's still time to reach the magic number, so do what you have to do. We'll turn a blind eye if needed.

Also, don't forget to finalize your picks before tomorrow. We're almost 100 percent sure that everything will be locked down tighter than Mangino's belt once the bowl season kicks off, and we'd hate to have anyone left out in the cold. Actually, that's not true. It would increase our odds of winning that Redbook subscription.

But seriously, finalize your picks. And sign-up your friends.

Sign-up: OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em [] (no password necessary)