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Rival blog bet: Spit Blood, it is on!

The fine gentlemen at TCU fan website Spit Blood have agreed to participate in our Poinsettia Bowl blog bet. We think they think they're going to win.

May God have mercy on those poor, poor souls who call themselves Boise State Broncos.

That's odd. We were under the impression that God played quarterback for the Broncos.

The stakes will be just as high as they always are for the blog bet: winner gets a free post on the loser's site. We'll be betting on the game straight up, so Boise State will need to win outright in order for our 15,000-word Marty Tadman manifesto to appear on their site. Keep your fingers crossed, everybody.

If you find some spare time this week, or if you are in the mood for some more TCU boastfulness, we recommend you check out the Spit Blood site. They provide some great content and have a contributor list that is 19 people long (and you thought we were unwieldy). Also, they are doing a daily feature, breaking down one positional matchup each day right up until gameday. Here is the running backs post, complete with respect for Ian Johnson. We don't even give you that sometimes!

Oh, and one other thing. Before you go and make fun of their website name (or hurl in a bag, which we almost did when we conjured a mental image), know that Spit Blood is not some reference to death metal. Apparently, Horned Frogs actually spit blood...from their eyes.

Sadly, all Buster Bronco can do is sleep standing up.

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