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Raise those stakes! Major bowl pick 'em announcement

Remember when we were kidding around about possibly winning a prize for beating OBNUG in OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em? Well, joke's on you. There WILL be a prize! Oh wait. That would probably mean the joke is on us.

Either way, we'll be handing out a gift to the overall winner of OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em pool. And that gift is ... (OBNUG intern, can we get a drumroll, please?) ...


The winner of the pool will get their choice of magazine subscription from the fine folks at and the benevolence of OBNUG's wallet. You can have your pick of mags like Wired, Esquire, and Men's Journal (and for the ladies, Redbook or something). Basically, any subscription you can find on Amazon for $10.00 or less is yours.

Now here's the catch: We need 75 people signed up for the pick 'em pool in order for this prize to take effect. Currently, the group size is hovering around 50, so go pressure your friends and loved ones into joining. You can get to the group by clicking here or clicking on the ad at right. The password for the group is "obnug."

Let's get picking!