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Ohio State fans not exactly flocking to Fiesta Bowl

Ohio State is going to its fourth Fiesta Bowl in the past seven years. Its fans might not be.

It appears that the Buckeyes are having some issues selling tickets to the BCS game in Glendale, Arizona. Is it the economy? You're cold. Is it the travel? You're getting warmer. Is it the increasingly likely possibility that they will be blown out and humbled by Texas? You're hot! You're on fire! You're burning up!

When the Fiesta Bowl is mentioned (in Ohio), the one emotion it seems to elicit from Buckeye fans is the fear of embarrassment, like that shown by one fan who e-mailed with the wish that Ohio State was playing in a lesser bowl. Two straight losses in BCS championship games, to SEC teams Florida and Louisiana State, have left some Buckeye fans wondering what their team is lacking in big games.

This year, the team might will be lacking affluent fan support. As per caste system traditions, boosters and season ticket holders got first crack at tickets for OSU's bowl game, but rather than snatch them up like normal, the richies passed and let the commoners have dibs.
Interest, or the lack of it, is such that bowl tickets will go on sale to the general public here Wednesday — something that almost never happens, according to Bill Jones, Ohio State's assistant athletic director for ticketing and premium seating.

Ew. The public. They're so ... ordinary.

So in summary, the entire country is tired of Ohio State playing in BCS games, and now Ohio State's own fans are tired of it, too.

Hmm, we seem to remember a certain non-BCS school that would have been glad to take the Buckeyes' place. Although now might not be the best time to point out that the Broncos aren't exactly setting ticket boxes ablaze for the Poinsettia Bowl, either.

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