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OBNUG's Mystery Comment Theater, Vol. 3

Each week, we’ll cull the best comments from the OBNUG interpages and feature them here in the Mystery Comment Theater. Comments are judged based on the whims of OBNUG’s contributors and on commenter bribery.

On Fun with anagrams: putting TCU's roster to the test

Fight Fight BSU: Very telling. Sincerely, Buff Thigh Gist...I mean...Fight Fight BSU

On Fun with anagrams: putting TCU's roster to the test:

Goodhandsman: Goodhandsman- Dang Nomad Hos

On The next Doug Martin is a 320-pound Canadian

BigBaloo: How do you stop bacon from curling in the frying pan??........ You take away their brooms!

On Dan Hawkins predicts 10 wins for Colorado in 2009

BlueTurf: That "home & home" with East Junior High must have come through. Let's just hope that Montana St. is not on the schedule.

On BSU offense vs. TCU defense: Let's get it on!

sir wesley willis: Wyoming could beat every other team in the WAC

Thanks to all who comment - even the delirious TCU fans who think Wyoming is a good team.