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OBNUG's Mystery Comment Theater, Vol. 2

Each week, we’ll cull the best comments from the OBNUG interpages and feature them here in the Mystery Comment Theater. Comments are judged based on the whims of OBNUG’s contributors and on commenter bribery.

On Poinsettia Bowl trophy presenter pick 'em contest:

KY Bronco: The white guy with white hair!

On Huzzah: The NCAA Gamecube Playoffs are here!:

Mike Transplant: Will Mark May be breaking down the matchups for each round?

On Jim Tressel is a cold, unfeeling human being:

goodhandsman: I'm a compassionate guy and I won't feel sorry for them one bit when they get trounced by Texas!

On Non-partisan, invisible crowd expected at H-Bowl:

BigBaloo: I will be there! Well, at least I'll imagine being there... should that count as a ticket sold? I'd even imagine paying for it, well, maybe that's a stretch.

Thank you to all who comment. You are truly an inspiration.