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OBNUG's Mystery Comment Theater, Vol. 1

It's fine time that OBNUG's readers and commenters get rewarded for the witty, humorous, grammatically correct comments they make on a routine basis on this fine website. Of course, due to budget constraints, that reward will not be monetary or tangible. Our apologies.

From this point forward, OBNUG is proud to celebrate the best comments of the week in an ode to one of our favorite movie franchises (MST3K) of all time. Is there any greater honor? We think not, which is to say we couldn't think of one.

Each week, we'll cull the best comments from the OBNUG interpages and feature them here in the Mystery Comment Theater. Comments are judged based on the whims of OBNUG's contributors and on commenter bribery.

On Give thanks: OBNUG's 50 things to be thankful for:

Mike: No. 58: Watching Coach Pete drop f-bombs on the team as ESPN cuts away to time-out induced commercials. They are priceless. He looks and acts so mild mannered in public. Just like David Banner. Do you think he'll go Blue Hulk during a game?

On Hawaii's McMackin tastes bowl game, Diet Pepsi:

FightFightBSU: I had McMackin pegged as a Mr. Pibb guy...maybe Diet Rite, but nothing passe like Diet Pepsi

On Christmas gifts for the mustache aficionado on your list:

OBNUG intern: Yessss! Free t-shirt and I get to go to the Christmas party too?! I love IHOP!

On Take luck: Boise State's BCS bid not over yet:

busterfan: Does the BCS selection committee watch their copy of the fiesta bowl dvd every day like I do?

Thank you to all who comment. We would have much lower self-esteem were it not for all of you.