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Non-partisan, invisible crowd expected at H-Bowl

How are Humanitarian Bowl ticket sales for Nevada and Maryland going? You don't want to know.

As of Monday afternoon the University of Maryland says it's sold about 16 tickets to the game. The University of Nevada says it's sold 8 so far.

To be fair, these figures are from Monday. The schools probably have sold 22 more tickets by now.

The low sales numbers from the Nevada and Maryland do not seem to worry the Humanitarian Bowl too much. They depend largely on the support from the local community and the football fanaticism of Treasure Valley residents who don't have anywhere better to be on a Tuesday afternoon. But it must be somewhat shocking to see such little interest from fans of the two teams that will be playing in the game. Might it just be a better idea to have the Boise State football team come out and practice?

Panicking, however, is not in the H-Bowl organizers' vocabulary. Delusional is.

"Now that we know its Nevada and Maryland people are excited about that match up," said Anita Guerricabeitia, assistant director for ticket sales.

These people must be the imaginary kind with low income and fear of travel.

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