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Morning Paper: Boise State links 12/8

Sorry for the delay this morning. Kevan's plane is "delayed" from Seattle. No word yet on if it was because he was drowning his BCS sorrows at the airplane bar and just missed his flight. Let's knock some links out.

Broncos snubbed by BSC, Poinsettia Bowl rejoices [Idaho Statesman]
I'm glad somebody is happy

Karl Benson claims Boise State didn't get passed over [Idaho Press Tribune]
Actually, they did get passed over because of the system in place. You can't separate the two.

An impassioned plea from a Boston writer for a playoff [Boston Sports Examiner]
We'll take what we can get at this point

Dallas writer claims Broncos don't mind [The Dallas Morning News]
No, that's called being "politically correct" or "saying the right things"

Notre Dame punches a ticket to Hawaii [Honolulu Advisor]
Notre Dame fans are looking for any reason to spend money on their team

Terrapins, Humanitarian Bowl Settle for Each Other [Washington Post]
Well put

Louisiana Tech draws Northern Illinois in Independence Bowl [The News Star]
Not quite the MAC vs WAC game people were expecting

Fresno State to face Colorado State [Coloradoan]
Sounds like over achievers facing the under achievers

San Jose State on the outside looking in [Mercury News]
A Sun Belt team beat them out? How far has the WAC fallen?