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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/9

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Good morning, Bronco fans. We'll be hitting the TCU previews over the next few days, and the P-Bowl will be here before we know it. In other news, we were quoted in the Arbiter. That was fun. And for the record, our quote was taken out of context (we've always wanted to say that).


Changes coming to Idaho Statesman [Idaho Radio News]
Strangely, changes do not involve longer Brian Murphy podcasts.

Gary Patterson's and Coach Pete's ties go back to UC Davis [Press-Tribune]
Come to think of it, Ian Johnson was probably there, too.

WAC hoping to build relationship with Poinsettia Bowl [Statesman]
And in so doing, provide a home for a 7-5 San Jose State team for years to come.

The story behind SJSU not making a bowl game [College Sports Hotline]
Essentially: they can't play offense.

Poinsettia Bowl is Graham Watson's favorite []
Of course it is.

Mark Schlabach finds Poinsettia more intriguing than Sugar []
And then he harshes on the good vibes by saying that TCU will probably beat Boise State.

Fun with the USA Today coaches' poll [LA Times]
And extra fun with Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel.

Fine art added to OBNUG store [OBNUG Shop]