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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/31

We listened to most of the Humanitarian Bowl on the radio yesterday, and we now have an intense, near-spiritual hatred for Dave Tester broadcasts. The next time he gives down and distance will be the first time.

Happy New Year, Bronco fans. We'll do a few posts today and put up an open comment thread for games this afternoon and tomorrow. Be safe and go easy on the Martinelli's.

The WAC's bowl performance leaves much to be desired [BNN]
Appropriate enough considering that the WAC's regular season did the same thing.

OK, we get it, the WAC is bad [Statesman]
We're sensing a theme here. Maybe San Jose State should have got a bowl.

Kaepernick's inaccuracy blamed on ankle injury []
Is that what they're calling poor mechanics these days?

So much for Nevada's vaunted run defense [Statesman]
Maryland has its way on the ground in the second half, kind of like Ian Johnson did on that one carry.

Yes we can change college football's postseason [Bloomberg]
Provided that Myles Brand lets us.

Dick Tomey and SJSU doomed to mediocrity [College Sports Hotline]
Yep, that seems about right.