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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/30

Does the fact that the Broncos lost to TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl change our stance on not wanting Boise State to play in the H-Bowl this season? Allow us to answer that question with a question: Is the H-Bowl still sponsored by a truck stop and played on a Tuesday afternoon?

The game kicks off today at 2:30. We may try to live-blog the sucker, but given our anathema to ACC football, we might not get too far.

Nevada offensive line nicknames themselves "the Union" [Statesman]
This would have been nice to know (and make fun of) a month ago.

Contrary to popular belief, there will be people in H-Bowl stands [Statesman]
Not people from Nevada, but people nonetheless.

BSU men's basketball preps for conference play [Statesman]
If it's anything like football conference play, the Broncos are in good shape.

Assistant coach Brent Pease rumored for Cal Poly job [Football Scoop via Bronco Country]
Sparty and Friends will have an update as news breaks.

Dustin Lapray mails in his H-Bowl preview [Times-News]
We've never seen so many random stats in one place before.

18-year-old Caldwell man flees Boise police [Statesman]
Robb Akey immediately schedules a recruiting visit.

Utah fans just hoping not to horribly lose to Alabama [Deseret News]
Ah, we see the BCS did right again.

Coach Pete will visit Atlanta QB recruit Mikey Tamburo [AJC]
Tamburo already committed; Coach Pete just wants to make sure he knows about the Kellen Moore situation.