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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/3

Nothing like the bowl season to bring out all the inequities of college football. The most wonderful time of the year? Yeah right. That was August or September (are we right, Fresno State, or are we right?).

Boise State and Ball State Hawaii Bowl rumors []
It's not true until Chadd Cripe reports it in his blog four or five days later.

MAC commissioner doesn't want to hurt Motor City Bowl's feelings [Bronco Beat]
Bowl games have feelings? In that case, we owe an apology to the Bowl.

Pat Forde's WAC Player of the Year is the right player []
Proving that Forde could probably coach a WAC team to at least six wins.

Bronco men's basketball averaging under 3,000 fans per home game [Dailey's Bottom Line]
Maybe they should hold football practice beforehand.

BCS still courting the Broncos [Press-Tribune]
And by "courting," we mean "leading on."

Waiting on Ball State's answer [Statesman]
If this thing is going to happen, can we at least come up with something better than "Battle of the Unbeatens"?

Fiesta Bowl president's email address [O&B Circus]
You know, for that Christmas letter you were going to send.