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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/26

We hope everyone survived the Christmas holiday and that the hangover from the P-Bowl didn't cast too much of a pall over Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Today will be a light posting day since most people are still celebrating Christmas. We'll be leaving our Christmas post up through the weekend, but check the featured posts and the blog section of the site for one or two posts throughout the day (including the next installation of pick 'em). We'll try to tidy up any P-Bowl loose ends, too, and we'll start with some fan reaction from the game in today's links. Have a safe weekend, everyone!

Impartial observer's take on the Boise State football team [Dr. Saturday]
Broncos have everything it takes to be great, except for the physical part.

Plenty of excuses to make following P-Bowl [Bronco Overdrive]
But none of them really work.

Red zone defense was the key to the game [Scott Slant]
As was rushing defense, passing defense, and Vinny Perretta stepping out of bounds.

So close, yet so far [O&B Circus]
At least we weren't there to see it in person.

Comparing TCU loss to East Carolina loss [Statue Left]
We'd really rather just forget about both.

"BSU still rocks" [Dave's Blog]
And many in Bronco Nation being the inevitable overreaction.