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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/23

We woke up feeling nervous today, but that was mostly because we left the stove on all night. We're pretty sure it had nothing to do with today's Poinsettia Bowl.

Here's the rundown: We'll keep our P-Bowl posts from the past two weeks up front for your enjoyment today, and we'll break out some new ones, too. Excited yet? Excited still? We can't wait until 6:00pm. Or 5:30pm for that matter (King of Queens reruns, natch). Football! BLAAARG!!

Andy Dalton more effective than Kellen Moore? [FOX Sports]
Maybe in a world where up is down and down is up. You know, like Graham Watson's world.

10 facts about TCU [Fight Fight BSU]
A fact for every point they will score this evening.

TCU is just like Boise State [Star-Telegram]
Except for that BCS win, of course.

Boise State men's basketball beats San Diego []
In an obvious sign of foreshadowing, we hope.

Nate Potter will probably see a lot of Jerry Hughes [Times News]
In which case, Hughes will also see a lot of Chris O'Neill, Tommy Gallarda, and a cast of chipping running backs.

35,000 tickets sold to P-Bowl [Press-Tribune]
Bowl organizers hope for 40,000. Those greedy son-of-a-guns.

Not everyone thinks the MWC move is a good idea [Press-Tribune]
No. 1 on that list: Chris Petersen. No. 735: Mark May.

Recapping Boise State's bowl history [Statesman]
Thank you for reminding us of the Hawaii Bowl, Humanitarian Bowl, and Liberty Bowl. Just what we needed. Not.

Slow starts have hindered Broncos in bowls [Statesman]
But not as much as Taylor Tharp has!

Jerard Rabb to the Boise Burn []
If the Boise Burn last that long.