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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/22

Yes! Bowl week! We have a whole lot to talk about today and tomorrow before the Poinsettia Bowl kicks off (6:00pm MT, ESPN). Watch for our official game prediction sometime today, and we'll have the leaderboard for our Bowl Pick 'Em up just as soon as we can figure out HTML tables.

Here are the links to get you caught up from the weekend:

Ian Johnson will be healthy for Poinsettia Bowl [Press-Tribune]
But ultimately not a factor against the TCU run defense.

Boise State's DEs roll with the punches [Press-Tribune]
Or the broken legs. It's all just semantics really.

Steven Reveles returns for P-Bowl [Press-Tribune]
It was only a broken arm. What took him so long?

A Mike T. Williams feel-good story [Statesman]
We already felt pretty good, but this just put us right on up over the top.

George Iloka coulda been a Horned Frog [Statesman]
Or a stunt double for Kid 'N Play. Either way, we think he chose pretty well.

Boise State's defense being overlooked [Statesman]
As discussed by us and every other savvy Bronco fan last week.

Broncos destroy last season's Hawaii Bowl ring [Statesman]
Next up? The 2005 Humanitarian Bowl anklet.

Redshirts and grayshirts train with Navy SEALS [Statesman]
Yet another reason to never redshirt or grayshirt.

Brian Murphy would like to retire Ian Johnson's number [Statesman]
Let's do Brock Forsey first, and then we can talk.

The Ian Johnson story [Statesman]
By Chadd Cripe.

Media gifts are significantly less cool than the players' gifts [Dave's Blog]
Unless you think dog poop baggies are cool.

Fresno State allows record-setting rushing performance []
And Pat Hill fades even further into the background.

Legend of Kellen Moore's poise hits Fort Worth [Star-Telegram]
Legend of film study soon to follow.