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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/2

Humanitarian Bowl executives had a true meeting of the minds yesterday and decided that a Boise State vs. Ball State matchup sure would be fun. Qualifications for H-Bowl executives must not be very high.

We'll tangle with that topic and others throughout the day. In the meantime, here are today's links:

Kyle Wilson not thinking about going pro [Murph's Turf]
Probably because no one has told him he'll be a first round pick yet.

Jeremy Childs will seek NFL advisory committee's advice [Dave's Blog]
Childs hoping to get a different advisory committee than the one that Ian Johnson got last year.

Brotzman was probably the WAC's biggest snub [Bronco Beat]
Maybe the WAC teams just didn't get to see him punt often enough.

Brian Murphy's BCS projections [Murph's Turf]
For what their worth.

MWC calling out Broncos [Deseret News]
Does BSU really need to wallop TCU to get the conference's respect? Come on.

Broncos appear headed to either Poinsettia or H-Bowl [Statesman]
This from the Department of Stories that Could Have Been Written A Week Ago.

H-Bowl really wants Ball State [Press-Tribune]
And Ball State really does not want to play Boise State in Boise.

Stewart Mandel joins the bowl discussion []
Adding some nationally recognized white noise to the conversation.

Boise State should probably be in a BCS bowl []
Too bad voices of reason don't count in college football.