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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/19

What was the cause of yesterday's Fall of OBNUG? Technical difficulties? Terrorism? A little bit of both? The real culprit was our server, and we replaced him as quickly as Coach Pete replaced Bush Hamdan in the Fresno State game. Things should be good to go from here on out.

We've got some catching up to do, so we hope you're okay with an avalanche of posts today. Start off with the Boise State defense preview at the top of the page. We'll bring the third preview in our three part series later, as well as some Pat Hill news and a reminder to sign up for our Bowl Pick 'Em. While we're on the subject, sign up for our Bowl Pick 'Em. We only need nine more people to get to 75.

Here are the links:

Broncos flying into San Diego this morning [Press-Tribune]
David Augusto will be there to greet them with hugs.

Harsin and Wilcox have been contacted by other schools [Statesman]
Special thanks to the Statesman for not telling us what other schools those are.

P-Bowl will be big for Texas recruiting [Statesman]
Also for Mark May's end-of-year job review.

TCU to honor Sammy Baugh with a helmet sticker [Star-Telegram]
Because a giant commemorative jersey patch just doesn't say enough.

Pat Forde picks the Horned Frogs to win []
Probably because it is in his contract at ESPN to do so.

Boise State is moving to the MWC [Arbiter Online]
If college journalists say it's true, then it must be true.