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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/18

The official score prediction poll for the Poinsettia Bowl is up in the sidebar. Choose wisely. We'll have our official prediction early next week, and we have a couple more big previews to do today and tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this morning's links before we get into the posting. We recommend the first link; it is both interesting and frustrating.

Ian Johnson will play in East-West shrine game [Sideline Scouting]
Also according to this website, Ian Johnson may also go undrafted in the NFL Draft.

Moore, Winn, Iloka all over freshman All-America teams [Bronco Beat]
The future is so bright and cheery - like a Christmasgram!

Kyle Wilson honored as a punt returner []
If they think he's good as a punt returner, they should see him play cornerback.

Kellen Moore apparently likes football a lot [Statesman]
Which is why we like Kellen Moore a lot.

TCU's offense is highly underrated [Press-Tribune]
According to TCU.

Nothing like taking a bus to San Diego [KIVI]
Except, maybe, taking a plane. Or teleporting.

Former Bronco Gerald Alexander recovering from neck injury [Free-Press]
No wonder the Lions are 0-14.