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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/16

We're revealing the outcomes from the first round of the Gamecube Playoffs today, as well as introducing our rival blog bet. We'll probably talk about Kellen Moore, too. We'll see how the mood strikes us. Now, onto the links:

Coach Petersen's Monday press conference audio [Dave's Blog]
Will fit in well on our iPod playlist between Coldplay and new Britney Spears.

Humanitarian Bowl ticket sales reach at least 100 or so [Dr. Saturday]
What's not to like about Boise in late December in the middle of a work week?

Titus Young update: nothing [Bronco Beat]
Coach Pete still trying to figure things out. Kirby Moore should help make his decision easier.

Gene Bleymaier photoshop win [KVNU Full Court Press]
Bleymaier thinks Broncos are the best in all sports. Has he seen the softball team play?

Dustin Lapray's ode to Ian Johnson [Times-News]
About what you expect it to be.

Boise State is No. 3! []
Too little, too late,

Sporting News names Pete COY, Moore FOY []
Phil Steele nods approvingly from his Steelecave.

Graham Watson will hand out WAC awards today []

This cannot end well.

Ball State's Brady Hoke leaving for San Diego State []
At least Coach Pete would never leave us for Toledo. We think.

Boise State billboards pop up in San Diego [Statesman]
Featuring Powers, Perretta, Wilson, and the Johnsons. Kyle Brotzman was robbed!

Vandals hand out yearly awards out of obligation [Statesman]
Eddie Williams for player of the year. T.J. Conley was robbed!