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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/12

Happy Friday, Bronco fans. We'll keep it light and simple in the links this morning, just like our breakfast burrito! Here are said links:

Chris O'Neill back for the Poinsettia Bowl [Statesman]
Giving Tommy Gallarda the week off.

If Coach Pete had a dollar for every time he was named a coaching award finalist ... []
Robb Akey has got to wonder, "What gives?"

Here's one way to spend $10.00 []
One can never have too many Photoshopped Boise State football posters.

A bowl pick 'em with hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes [S&F]
Note: this is not our bowl pick 'em. Ours is over here, sans the "hundreds of dollars" part.

The Dustin Lapray phrase of the day: "obvious amiability" [Times-News]
500 points for using it in a sentence. 10,000 points for using it in a sentence at a bandanna store.

Oh, headline puns, we did not miss you [Press-Tribune]
Are we "Ready for some Moore?"Check back with us later. We're not sure yet.

Blue and Orange store may have just jinxed us [KIVI]
Ordering "Poinsettia Bowl champions" gear? If the Broncos lose, we have no one to blame but them.

An interview with Boise State RB recruit Malcolm Johnson []
Fresh off his tour de force of Oregon high school defenses.