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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/11

Sign up for OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em if you haven't already. And if you have, feel free to sign up again. It's called "improving your odds." Click here to go to the group page, and enter the password "obnug." It's so simple!

Phil Dailey goes all Buzz Bissinger on blogs [Dailey's Bottom Line]
In a blog post, ironically.

TCU bloggers join Bronco Nation podcast [BNN]
Over/under on MWC superiority comments is set at 15.

Gary Patterson did not enjoy yesterday's TCU practice [Star-Telegram]
Likewise with Brad Elkin and yesterday's BSU practice.

NY Times blog picks Poinsettia as No. 3 bowl [Quad]
And if the NY Times says it, then it must be true. Unless Sparty & Friends says otherwise.

Tomlinson and Faulk could be in attendance at P-Bowl [Statesman]
Does this mean Jake Plummer and Shawn Merriman will be at the Humanitarian Bowl?

ESPN's bowl simulator is back! []
There goes an hour of our day. Is anyone else having trouble getting BSU out of the first round?

Humanitarian Bowl in the top ten of this year's bowl games []
Only on

Many Bronco players will be returning home to San Diego [2 News]
Dinner at Vinny's!