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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/10

We'll be previewing the Horned Frogs later this morning, and as a preview of that preview we'll just say, "Yikes." Hope we didn't ruin anything.

Kellen Moore gets in with the wrong crowd [Fight Fight BSU]
Pat Hill's plan to beat the Broncos seems to have hit a snag in its timing.

Coach Pete rumor mill responds [Sparty & Friends]
They should have gone with the "taken out of context" line.

Statesman confirms S Winston Venable's commitment [Statesman]
And only one week late. Not too shabby.

Utes hoping not to "pull a Hawaii" []
Special thanks to Hawaii for undoing all that Boise State had done.

Vinny Perretta would like you to to Lego Land []
We would like that very much. How did he know?

Derek Dooley sniffing around Auburn job [Dave's Blog]
This, after he specifically told LaTech that he would not be sniffing anywhere.

Stewart Mandel ranks the bowl games []
Poinsettia Bowl chosen at No. 5. Humanitarian Bowl significantly lower and on a different page.

Brian Murphy ranks the bowl games [Statesman]
Because he does not trust us to be able to find on our own.

Hawaii not all that great at graduating its players [Star Bulletin]
Maybe more of them should have been communication majors.

Chartered Bronco flight to San Diego [FOX 12 News]
It is the Stueckle Sky Club to Southwest Airlines' north end zone seats.

TCU might have trouble stopping Broncos' offense [Star-Telegram]
One can hope.