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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/1

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Good morning, Bronco fans. Even though Boise State's regular season is over (and what a regular season it was), there is still a whole lot to talk about between now and the Broncos' bowl game. We'll recap Fresno State a little bit today and then get into some interesting topics of discussion.

One topic is the WAC player of the year awards. The Statesman is reporting that the conference will announce the picks today, and the big question is: Kaepernick or Moore? Is the answer as obvious to you as it is to us? We'll find out soon enough what everyone else thinks.

Game recaps:



Seniors shine in final regular season game [Press-Tribune]
And by "seniors," we do not mean "Tom Brandstater."

Better late than never for Johnson's 100-yard game [Press-Tribune]
Likewise for Chrissy Johnson's awkward sideline interview with Heather Cox.

"Stand and ovate"? Must be a Dustin Lapray blog post [Times-News]
The real crime in the BCS snubbing is that Lapray will not get to mingle with national media.

TCU over Boise State for an at-large berth? []
You have one guess where this rumor started.

Oh, now Graham Watson picks Boise State for the Poinsettia Bowl []
She just needed a 61-point win over a mediocre Fresno team to put her over the top.

Boise State's last decade by the numbers []
Impressive, even for someone who does not like math all that much.

Pat Hill interviews for Washington job [Fresno Bee]
Huskies appreciate how he lost by 51 points on the road.

Fresno fan grades the Bulldogs' performance [Bulldog Bounce]
Finds them wanting.

Get the Ball State vs. Boise State rumors started [Indianapolis Star]
If you have to.

Will Hoenike makes a case for Boise State in the H-Bowl [ISZ]
Something about the economy and the long-term future of the WAC, both of which we don't care that much about.

Coach Pete almost definitely probably will stay in 2009 [Statesman]
Thanks for that definitive story, Statesman.

H-Bowl execs meeting today to decide BSU's future [Statesman]
Now might be a good time to be picked by a BCS bowl.