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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/4

For those who are interested, there is a pretty entertaining thread going down in the comments on our Public Enemy #1 announcement post. We had no idea Dan Hawkins, Dirk Koetter, and Houston Nutt were so into this website. Kind of makes you wonder what Skip Hall is doing with his time?

We're going to talk BCS a little today. Hope that's okay with everyone. Here are your links:

H-Bowl offered Cardinals larger bowl payout [Dave's Blog]
You know what they say: money can't buy undefeated mid-majors to come play on your home turf.

Utah defensive coordinator in line to take USU job [KVNU Full Court Press]
That fixes half of Utah State's problems.

Bronco men win on last second layup [Press-Tribune]
To the delight of tens of hundreds in attendance.

Derek Dooley on short list for several coaching positions [News-Star]
Oh, never mind. Forget we brought it up.

Fresno State would not mind terribly if Pat Hill left [Fresno Bee]
The WAC championship trophy handlers wouldn't even notice he was missing.

Boise State to the Poinsettia Bowl sounds like a shoo-in [Statesman]
In that case, look out Sea World! You're about to have 10,000 Bronco fans who've never seen a Shamu before.

LaTech accepts Independence Bowl spot [News-Star]
Which we guess is just another way of saying Liberty Bowl?