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Morning paper: Boise State football links 12/15

Sam Bradford winning the Heisman Trophy is kind of like Nicolas Cage winning an Oscar. Sure, you know his movies do really well, and he's entertaining to watch. But an Oscar? Wasn't this the guy who starred in National Treasure? Same with Bradford. He's fun to watch and all, but the Heisman? We know a Jason White when we see one.

Let's have some fun together this week.

Poinsettia Bowl gets the lengthy preview it deserves [Bleacher Report]
Fight Fight BSU does the honors and even manages to take personal biases out of the equation. We're so jealous.

Gary Patterson not headed to Auburn [Dr. Saturday]
Iowa State's Gene Chizik is. Yes, that Iowa State.

Mike Prater's Heisman vote [Statesman]
To the surprise of no one, Kellen Moore did not make Prater's ballot.

Blogger Heisman goes to Tebow [Blue Workhorse]
He owes us one now.

Childs excited to actually play in a bowl game [Press-Tribune]
Bronco fans who watched the Hawaii Bowl might even be more excited than Childs is.

Kyle Wilson named to Rivals' All-American team []
Not to take anything away from the guy, but it was an honorable mention pick, and it was for being a punt returner.

Derek Carr set to follow in his brother's disappointing footsteps [Fresno Bee]
Having a Carr playing QB at Fresno always makes it more fun.

Hawaii will give out rings for just about anything nowadays [Honolulu Advertiser]
Hawaii Bowl? Rings for everyone!

Playoff simulations are everywhere [Uncomfortability]
We link to this one because it has the Broncos winning their first game.

Coach Pete to Iowa State? [Football Rumor Mill]
You can take it to the bank.