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Mike T. Williams' bowl journal sure beats Murph's Turf

Mike T. Williams may have injured his ACL, prematurely ending his college career. But his writing is none the worse for wear.

Williams is putting on his best Perez Hilton impersonation in a daily blog on the BroncoSports website titled Mike T's Bowl 411. Those marketing guys at BSU are so hip!

So far, highlights of Williams' 411 include: the NBA Live XBox rivalry between Williams and Shea McClellin, Williams piling into a rickshaw with Ryan Winterswyk and Sean Bingham, and the team nicknaming equipment manager Dale Holste "Dale Claus" because he likes to give out presents. And just when you think you've heard it all, Williams comes out with some ping-pong smack talk directed at Coach Pete.

At practice, I figured it was time to talk some smack, so I went up to Coach Pete and said, ‘I thought you were good’. He said, ‘if you want some let’s do it, but, you might blow out your other ACL when I make you run all around’.

"Oh no he didn't!" said the BSU marketing department.

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