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Kirby Moore in rare, underwhelming company

Kirby Moore is following in the footsteps of some of the most prolific wide receivers in the history of high school football. And they are tiny, tiny footsteps. Like a small child. Or a squirrel.

The future Boise State wideout set national records for career touchdowns and single-season touchdowns during his playing days at Prosser High in Washington. And though expectations are high for the 6'3", 200-pound Moore when he hits the field with his brother Kellen at Boise State, Kirby's predecessors have not exactly blazed much of a trail for him. Of the 10 players on the list of career touchdown receptions behind Moore, we recognize only one name, and that is because it is shared by one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Career receiving touchdowns
95 Kirby Moore (Prosser, WA), 2005-2008
83 Abram Booty (Shreveport Evangel Christian, LA), 1993-96
74 Brandon Barrett (Martinsburg, WV), 2000-03
60 Tyrone Vaughans (Marrero Ehret, LA), 1980-82
59 Montrell Jones (Louisville Male, KY), 1997-00
58 Damien Dodson (Memphis Westwood, TN), 1992-95
55 Shane Williams (Springdale Shiloh Christian, AR), 1996-98
55 Steve Parker (Shreveport Evangel Christian, LA), 1990-93
54 Chris Martin (Nitro, WV), 1995-98
53 Earvin Johnson (Los Angeles Cathedral, CA), 1998-99
52 Gerad Parker (Lawrence County, KY), 1996-99

A veritable who's who, right?

Abram Booty, the man whose record Moore eclipsed, went on to fizz out at LSU before finishing his college career at D-II Valdosta State. Brandon Barret, third on the list, did little during his failed stint at West Virginia.

So what's to say that Kirby Moore won't befall the same fate? Well, for starters, we highly doubt that any of the aforementioned high school stars ever had their highlights dubbed in slow motion to an inspirational soundtrack.

This highlight brought to you by

Moore also has a chance to be something special in college because of his unique situation. If he sees the field next fall, he'll have three full years to catch passes from his older brother Kellen, the same Kellen who helped Kirby achieve half of his gaudy high school stats in the first place. Also, Moore is not headed to a big-time program like LSU or West Virginia where he can get out-athleted by high school kids who didn't put up nearly the same numbers. Bronco fans expect Kirby to be a star at Boise State, and we have a feeling that Bronco coaches are planning for him to be a centerpiece of the offense for years to come.

Throw into that equation the fact that he has all sorts of physical tools, speed, awareness, and character, and you have yourself a budding star. He'll end up in the Boise State record books by the time his career is said and done.

And if he doesn't, he'll have Tyrone Vaughans and Co. to console him.

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