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Kellen Moore might be offensive coordinator in two years

On behalf of opposing WAC defenses, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies. It appears that Kellen Moore will be even more dominant in 2009.

Boise State's freshman quarterback lit up the conference en route to WAC Freshman of the Year honors and a spot on the All-WAC second team. And now Bronco coaches are already salivating over the play-calling options with Moore under center for next year and beyond. In fact, they might not even have to call any plays at all. Moore is smart enough to handle it.

That might mean more audibles.

And it might mean letting Moore call his own plays in no-huddle situations.
Our heart just skipped a beat. In a good way.

Having Moore call his own plays or audible at the line of scrimmage could make the Bronco offense virtually unstoppable. Remember how well he orchestrated plays that were doomed to fail from the beginning this season? Now picture him orchestrating plays that he knows will work every time. Will the Broncos ever punt again? It's not looking likely.

"We haven't done a tremendous amount of those things (audibling, etc.) in the past. If there were a bunch of variables, we'd just stay away from that situation and not have to change plays and audible," coach Chris Petersen said.

Translation: Taylor Tharp and Jared Zabransky were the quarterbacks, and we didn't trust them.
"It will be interesting to see in the offseason where we want to take this thing," Petersen said. "(Kellen)'s sharp enough to get us in and out of certain plays... In the no-huddle, I could see that guy being very good where we don't signal the play, we let him choose. It's fun to have some options."

Fun? For Bronco fans, definitely. But that's not the way opposing WAC defenses will see it.

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