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Kellen can't win: Freshman QBs beat him out for awards

College Football News, the CFN portion of the website, unveiled their annual all-freshman team, and Boise State's Kellen Moore got the snub treatment. Again.

CFN chose NC State freshman QB Russell Wilson for the first team (NC State!), and they explained their pick thusly:

Others put up gaudier numbers, and there's no arguing against Baylor's Robert Griffin or Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor, but no freshman quarterback meant more to his team than Russell did to the Pack. Without him, NC State doesn't go bowling.

Not only do the CFN folks pass over Moore for the first team distinction, they don't even mention that he is in the running. And if their qualification process for being named to the first team is based mostly on how far the team would have got without the player, then Moore should be hands down the favorite. "Without (Wilson), NC State doesn't go bowling." Well, without Kellen Moore, Boise State doesn't go undefeated, rise into the Top Ten of all teams in the country, and be in the discussion for a BCS berth. NC State finished 6-6 and last in the ACC Atlantic Division. Hooray for Russell Wilson. He led the Wolfpack to the Bowl.

Well, at least there was a spot on the second team for Kellen Moore, right? ... Right? ... Oh, you've got to be kidding us.

QB *Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State

There's no doubt that Pryor is a great athlete and he made a difference for Ohio State this season, but he is not the second best freshman quarterback in America. Plus, he was playing on a team surrounded by unrivaled talent. Even the folks at CFN, who placed him above the likes of Moore and others, recognized that things wouldn't have been all that different for the Buckeyes without Pryor.
Ohio State probably would've been 9-3 at worst with Todd Boeckman under center.

Their final record was 10-2.

At least Moore wasn't completely left out of the conversation. In their obligatory honorable mention section, Moore's name finally pops up - alongside Robert Griffin from Baylor and Austin Davis from Southern Miss.

What? No Colin Kaepernick?

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