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Jim Tressel is a cold, unfeeling human being

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel is not a Boise State fan, and as such, we are not Jim Tressel fans.

"I've got to be honest with you, I didn't feel for them, because I'd rather go," OSU coach Jim Tressel said of Boise State. "I'm a compassionate guy, but to an extent... I'd rather the Buckeyes be there."

Ouch. Has Tressel been spending too much time with Bob Stoops?

We understand that Tressel must be happy that his Buckeyes will be playing in a multi-million dollar bowl game for the umpteenth straight year, but for the man to not feel one iota of sympathy for the team his tOSU trumped for the final BCS spot is downright mechanical. Did someone replace Jim Tressel's body with an emotionless android? If the last two BCS championship games are any indication, then all signs point to "yes."

Stranger still is that Tressel feels nothing for Boise State while at the same time referring to himself as "a compassionate guy." This is akin to saying "I do not own a hackey sack, and I am a hippie" or "I have a real job, and I am a blogger." Any compassionate person should be able to feel for the Broncos at a time like this.

Look at them. They're undefeated, yet left out in the cold. They're soft and adorable and their fans can cry on command. They are innocent victims in the tornado of BCS money and politics, and they are completely worthy of Jim Tressel's feelings.

At least that's the way we see it. And we're compassionate guys.

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