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It pays (in swag) to be a successful college athlete

They say that nothing in life is free. Well, "they" were never college athletes with incredible sports skills.

In college, the only free thing we ever received was an "education" from an upperclassmen commuter student on the unwritten rules of parking spaces. This was in addition to the $30,000/year education we had paid for.

Perhaps we should have tried out for the football team.

This year's list of bowl swag is out, and it is everything an 18-22-year-old male could hope for. Electronics, clothing, and money top the list on most bowls. Pennzoil tops the list for the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl.

Here is a look at what the Broncos and Horned Frogs will receive from those generous Poinsettia Bowl organizers. Nick Lomax is totally kicking himself right now.

Apple 8-gigabyte iPod Touch

Tommy Hilfiger watch (metrosexual sunglasses not included)

Sport-Tek hooded sweatshirt (not to be confused with the Star Trek hooded sweatshirt)

Best Buy $50 gift certificate

It sure beats the University of Idaho's Arby's coupon swag.

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