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Is TCU really the 'best team' Boise State has played?

If Coach Pete says it, then it must be true.

"I think TCU is a BCS team and most people that know about TCU would say the same thing. This will be the best team we've played all year."

No offense, Idaho State.

On the surface, Coach Pete's assertion sounds entirely plausible. TCU is the No. 11 team in the country with a stellar defense and powerful offense. They certainly sound great. But at the same time, we know Petersen loves to tow the company line when it comes to respect for opponents. The next game on the schedule is always Boise State's biggest game, even if everyone knows it is not.

So how are we to tell where exactly this TCU team ranks in relation to the Broncos' other opponents?

  • Are we to believe that the Horned Frogs are better than Division I-AA Idaho State?

  • Better than a 6-6 Bowling Green?

  • Better than an injury-depleted Oregon team?

  • Better than LaTech with Taylor Bennet at quarterback?

  • Better Hawaii and their negative turnover margin?

  • Better than an overrated San Jose State?

  • Better than Hal Mumme, Brent Guy, and Robb Akey-coached teams?

  • Better than a one-dimensional Nevada?

  • Better than the preseason Top 25 Fresno State Bulldogs?

OK. We have our answer..

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