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"H" no: Ball State passes, frees Broncos for Poinsettia

Turns out Ball State was not in the mood to get trounced by the Broncos in a bowl game sponsored by a truck stop and aired on a Tuesday afternoon.

Their loss.

The Cardinals declined an invitation to the Humanitarian Bowl today, supposedly paving the way for Boise State to head on down to the Poinsettia Bowl on December 23rd to face TCU. MAC commissioner Rick Chryst provided the diplomatic answers for Ball State's decision while secretly saying to himself or writing on his anonymous private blog: "Sweet heavens! I don't have to pretend to be interested in Roady's truck stops anymore!"

"Everyone understood and worked hard to see if there were scenarios that made sense to see if the game could get played," MAC commissioner Rick Chryst said, "but probably in the end, at least from a MAC perspective, I think the importance of our own bowl relationships and the proximity of those games for Ball State probably were the factors that keep Ball State in our bowl mix for this year."

To summarize:

  1. The Motor City Bowl > Humanitarian Bowl. We would have to agree with that one.

  2. Traveling 100 miles to a neutral site > traveling 400 miles for a road game. Can't argue there.

The Motor City Bowl is Ball State's most likely destination now, where they should have a good old time kicking around a .500 ACC team. Boise State has its sights set a little higher.

Though nothing has been set in stone, it appears that all signs are pointing toward the Broncos facing the Horned Frogs in San Diego, which excites everyone, and Nevada playing Maryland in the H-Bowl, which excites Dickie's BBQ on Overland because it means Ralph Friedgen is coming to town. We have not been shy about our issues with a Ball State game and even with an H-Bowl game for the Broncos, so hearing that they might get to go away for a game against a strong MWC team is good news for all.

And to think, just this morning we were begging for a Boise State H-Bowl to not come true. Perhaps we should start asking for a BCS bowl.

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