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Gamecube Playoffs: Quarterfinals: Cincy upsets!

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The quarterfinals of the Gamecube Playoffs are here, and they just don't feel right without the Broncos. Boise State was ousted in the first round by Penn State, thanks to an unfortunate Ryan Dinwiddie injury that from certain replay angles showed a defensive player's helmet going through his chest. Too bad. We were just getting ready to rig things in his favor, too.

Moving on, there appears to be no stopping Oklahoma and Florida on their collision course for the national title. Well, wouldn't that just make this whole Gamecube thing moot. Here are your quarterfinal results, as simulated by NCAA Football 2004:

Texas 37, Utah 17
Seeing Utah go down in sparkling CGI was almost as good as seeing them flame out in real life. Almost. Texas' RB (Ricky Williams?) ran roughshod over the Ute defense to the tune of 150 yards and three TDs. A beleaguered Alex Smith was relieved at halftime.

Florida 62, Texas Tech 0
This was a 7-0 game going into the fourth quarter until the computer AI got bored and started returning punts for touchdowns. It was amazing to watch for the first five minutes. The final 35 were a little redundant.

Cincinnati 44, Alabama 41 OT
Those plucky Bearcats pulled off the upset over Alabama with a TD toss in overtime. It was by far the most exciting Gamecube-simulated game we have ever seen.

Oklahoma 30, Penn State 9
The Sooners played some stifling defense in holding Penn State to less than 100 total yards on the day. Where was this stifling defense against Texas earlier in the year? Apparently it was locked up inside Campus Legend mode.

The semifinals are set: Florida vs. Texas in the national title game everyone in Austin wanted to see, and Oklahoma vs. Cincinnati in the game that will send people fleeing to 30 Rock reruns. Here's the updated bracket if you're interested. Check back tomorrow for the next results.