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Fun with anagrams: putting TCU's roster to the test

Statistical analysis? Been there.

Defensive breakdowns? Done that.

Anagrams? Um.

What's an anagram?

Anagrams might be the key to unlocking the mysteries of TCU. An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. For instance, "Britney Spears" translates into "Presbyterians." Please don't ask how long it took us to figure that out.

We thought it would be valuable to apply this word analysis to some of the stars of TCU's football team, hoping to find a small edge for the Broncos' matchup against the Horned Frogs in the Poinsettia Bowl. Some people believe that you are predisposed toward certain behavior if it is inherent in your name. On that note, here's hoping that "Jerry Hughes" can be changed into "John Gott pancake block."

QB Andy Dalton Dandy Talon

CB Nick Sanders Diner Snacks

QB Marcus Jackson Acorn Jams Suck

DL Cody Moore Code: Roomy

WR Jimmy Young Joy In My Mug

DB Steven Coleman Stolen Caveman

DL Matt Panfil Fat Implant

DB Rafael Priest Feral Pirates

OL Blake Schlueter Leathers Buckle

And our personal favorite:

Head Coach Gary Patterson Angry Prostate

Learn anything? Yeah, us either. But Gary Patterson's anagram does explain that face he's making.

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