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David Augusto's Poinsettia Bowl itinerary revealed

KTVB sports director David Augusto is in San Diego for the Broncos' Poinsettia Bowl date with TCU, and from the looks of his itinerary, he is living it up ... to the best of his abilities. Don't ask how we managed to come up with Augusto's itinerary, just sit back and enjoy it. We sure did.

Sunday, December 21

10:00am: Leave Boise for San Diego. Get confused by Southwest Airlines' boarding procedures and almost miss the flight.

11:45pm: Have peanuts on the airplane.

11:46pm: Remember that I'm allergic to peanuts.

11:47pm: Break out in hives and make Tom Scott rub lotion on me.

1:30pm: Arrive in San Diego. Immediately look in Yellow Pages for mani/pedi place.

4:00pm: Check in to hotel. Order 27 Dresses on pay-per-view.

6:00pm: Bronco team dinner. Sit next to Jeremy Childs. Give him his Secret Santa gift then try to explain why I'm the only one who did a Secret Santa.

7:00pm: Interview with Ian Johnson where I find out whether or not he's interested in auditioning for the Amazing Race with me.

9:00pm: Bars.

1:00am: Wake up in Tijuana. Wonder how I got there and why I thought a Mickey Mouse bicep tattoo was a good idea.

Monday, December 22

9:30am: Breakfast.

10:45am: Check at front desk for fan mail.

11:00am: Call Justin Corr to say what's up. Make sure he's feeding my cats.

12:00pm: Live KTVB webcast with Mark Johnson and Zack Wolken. Note: Find out if actual reporting will be necessary for this. Also, find out what a webcast is.

2:30pm: Strut around the beach in my Speedo.

3:00pm: Nap.

3:15pm: Strut some more.

4:30pm: File news report from Boise State's final walk-through. Update Mike T. Williams' injury status to "questionable."

5:15pm: Eat my feelings with Taco Del Mar fish tacos.

6:00pm: Hang out in the hotel lobby, hoping I get invited to hang out with some players.

10:30pm: Watch 27 Dresses with Chadd Cripe.

Tuesday, December 23

7:00am: Head to the hotel workout center. If there are hot chicks, stay and curl dumbbells in their vicinity. If there are no hot chicks, leave.

9:00am: Wait outside Kellen Moore's room so I can casually ask him if he happens to be heading to the free continental breakfast and if he'd like to go down together.

10:00am: Assume that Kellen Moore has already left and that I must have missed him.

11:15am: Visit with local media. Explain to them my personal relationship with Dan Hawkins.

12:00pm: Live KTVB webcast with Johnson and Wolken. Talk too loud into one of the mikes.

1:30pm: Think I see Jared Zabransky only to find out it is just some guy in a red beard. Buy him a souvenir T-shirt anyway.

3:00pm: Head to stadium.

3:30pm: Be forcibly removed from the sidelines.

4:00pm: File live report from the concourse. Update Mike T. Williams' injury status to "doubtful."

5:00pm: Poinsettia Bowl kickoff. Giggle with delight while slurping on a Diet Coke and holding Tom Scott's arm.

It just kind of rambles on about Coach Pete from there.