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Coach Pete's future decided by Chip Kelly's predestination

Rest easy, Bronco fans. Coach Pete will not be taking the head coach position at Oregon any time soon. Probably.

The Ducks named offensive coordinator Chip Kelly as Mike Bellotti's replacement, whenever Bellotti decides to step down. In so doing, Oregon made it so that the only way that Coach Pete now stands a chance at getting the job many experts feel he covets is if Bellotti and Kelly both burn out from trying to turn Chris Harper into a dropback quarterback. Or if Kelly pulls a Charlie Weis.

Bellotti will become the school's athletic director when he steps down. He said Tuesday he will coach the Ducks in their bowl game and continue to recruit. Asked if he would step down after this season, Bellotti told reporters during a conference call he didn't think so.

"It could be a year, it could be more," he said. "I don't know."
Coach Pete was a WR coach with Oregon under Bellotti, and his ties to the West made him seem like an ideal candidate to take over once Bellotti stepped down. Oh well. There's still that Washington job for us to kind of worry about.

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