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Christmas gifts for the mustache aficionado on your list

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Robb Akey's Christmas shopping just got a whole lot simpler, thanks to the Six-Way Mustache.

The $1.24 item can be molded into six different shapes, ranging from a handlebar to "the Pat Hill." And you know how you can tell it's quality? It attaches directly to your nose.

Turns out it sticks to your face not with spirit gum, like the old-timey spies used to do it, but with a little hidden plastic ring that clamps onto your septum.

If fake mustaches aren't your cup of tea this holiday season, then you might try checking out the OBNUG Store. You can get there by following the link in the header or by clicking on the links in this post. Stock up on Kellen Moore headline pun buttons, Jared Zabransky P.F. Chang's long-sleeve t-shirts, and much, much more. It's like the Hallmark store, minus the singing, magnet-kissing bears.

Shop early, shop often, and merry Christmas, OBNUGers.

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