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Bowl Pick 'Em Update: Still anyone's game to lose

The next two days of bowl games will go a long way toward deciding the winner of the first annual OBNUG's Bowl Pick 'Em. We've never wanted Iowa to win so badly in our lives.

The goal was to "Beat the OBNUG," and a good two-thirds of you have taken that credo to heart. OBNUG's Kevan is floundering in 53rd place, done asunder by his loyalty and confidence in Boise State beating TCU (along with the eight other games he's missed so far). Congratulations to those of you who are doing better than he is, which is to say, congratulations to all of you at some point over the past two weeks.

At the top of the leaderboard is team Banta with its 290 points and 12-5 picking record. We envy him so much right now. In second place is GHM's Hot Wife, who we believe is a woman - a woman who is beating OBNUG's Kevan by over 100 points. Sucks to be him right now.

There are 23 entries that have already topped the 200-point mark, so anything can still happen over the next eight or nine days. Cheer loudly, jinx accordingly, and feel free to check back here daily for updates on the standings.

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