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Boise State opens as underdog for Poinsettia Bowl

Throw another chip on the shoulder.

Boise State is one of only two undefeated teams left in the entire country, and they are not even favored to win their own bowl game over a fellow non-BCS school. TCU opened as a 2.5-point favorite against the Broncos for the Poinsettia Bowl, which will be played December 23 in San Diego.

Hello, hasty investment decision!

Also of note is that the sports books have put the over/under on points scored at 45.5. In other words, they are seeing the Horned Frogs winning by a final score of 24-21, which would be only the third time this year that the Boise State defense would have allowed more than 20 points.

We're not complaining about the odds, but we do find them interesting. Vegas has a responsibility to set the point spread and betting lines at a place where they feel they can get good action on both sides. As blindly loyal Boise State fans, we obviously think that everyone who enjoys making money should jump all over the Broncos and take the 2.5 points. We have. Or, rather, we will once we rearrange some money in the college savings account for our future children.

We'll be watching closely over the next few weeks to see how the line moves, not because we're degenerate gamblers, but because we're curious how the rest of the country sees this game turning out. If it were up to us, the Broncos would be 30-point favorites. On second thought, maybe we should leave our money where it is.

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