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Boise State beats Fresno State, to put it politely

My, how the Fresno State - Boise State game has fallen.

What used to be a well-played, close contest between two conference powerhouses was a cakewalk for the Broncos once the teams came out after halftime. What did Coach Pete tell the Broncos in the lockerroom? Or what did Pat Hill not tell the Bulldogs? Whatever was said, Boise State came out on fire, and before you knew it, the game was in the bag.

Here are some random thoughts on the Broncos' romp over Fresno.

... Ian Johnson might have run as well as he has all year long ... we imagine senior Andrew Woodruff had a lot to do with that ... Kyle Wilson is more Devin Hester than Devin Hester at this point ... think Pat Hill ever thought of doubling Ryan Winterswyk? ... the first half easily could have been 24-3 if BSU had got TDs instead of field goals (and if Bush Hamdan would not have imploded in on himself) ... those were two very fortunate tipped balls for INTs ... clock management is not a Brandstater specialty ... sure was nice of Doug Martin to go down at the one yard line for Ian Johnson ... was D.J. Harper's TD run considered running up the score or just bad Fresno defense? We're assuming the latter ...

Jeremy Avery changes the game, not that anyone remembers
The biggest play according to ESPN's broadcast was Ian Johnson's 69-yard rumble down inside the Fresno five. But Johnson's stellar run came with the score 41-10 Boise State at the end of the third quarter.

The biggest play of the game in our opinion was Avery's 43-yard scamper on Boise State's first possession of the half to make the score 20-10. Avery burst through a huge hole in the line and then pulled away from a flailing Fresno secondary for a much-needed big play by the Bronco offense. Up until that point, it had been dink and dunk for the majority of the first 30 minutes. Avery's burst changed the complexion of the game, put pressure on the Fresno offense to produce (it didn't), and gave the Broncos a two-score lead that they desperately needed.

... who would have thought that Tanyon Bissell would be the senior who throws a TD pass? ... thank goodness Heather Cox didn't find Jared Zabransky roaming the sidelines, looking for an interview ... Mike T. Williams left it all on the field, including the good parts of his ACL ... someone might need to re-explain a horsecollar tackle to the refs ... Kyle Efaw looked good again ... if Boise State had more kick returns this season, we're sure Doug Martin would have taken one to the house ...

Storming the field? Seriously? Did everyone know it's just a WAC title?
Immediately following the Broncos' win over Fresno State, Boise State fans stormed the field to celebrate with the team. Really? What happened to walking smugly to your car and sitting in traffic? At least they left the goalposts alone.

Storming the field is normally reserved for big wins over big opponents. Beating a lackluster Fresno State by 51 points does not fit those conditions. We imagine that the emotions of senior night, coupled with a season-ending home game, and with the ESPN cameras watching all played a part in Bronco Nation's excessive celebration. But really, guys, we've been here before - five times before. Let's just buy the players gifts under the table like we're used to doing.

... what an appropriate way for Ian Johnson to go out ... where did the Fresno State pass rush go after halftime? ... Lonyae Miller and Anthony Harding: 20 carries, 33 yards, 1.6 yards per carry ... Ian Johnson and Jeremy Avery: 21 carries, 190 yards, 9.0 yards per carry, 3 touchdowns ... oh by the way, Kellen Moore was sensational as a backup, too ... could there have possibly been more stenciled signs in the stands? ... thank you, Boise State seniors ...